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What is Protect Your Transaction?

What is Protect Your Transaction?

We think getting a mortgage is a pretty big deal! So why not dream big with confidence. Protect Your Transaction moves beyond the industry standard prequalification and preapproval. PYT is an underwritten preapproval that safeguards financing with a monetary assurance. That's right! A monetary assurance - which represents the lender's belief in the strength of the borrowers financing! Next to a cash offer, PYT provides the greatest assurance that the lender can provide, secure financing.

For Buyers

Life is complex enough, buying your dream home shouldn't be. With Protect Your Transaction all of the heavy lifting is done, before a single offer is placed. Borrowers will have an underwritten preapproval - giving them peace of mind that an Underwriter has seen their application from the start. There's a better way to get an offer noticed, and that's with PYT!

What’s different about Protect Your Transaction? With PYT, your loan is approved up front by an actual underwriter and safeguarded with at least $15K in performance assurance. That’s why a PYT Loan Commitment is considered the gold standard of mortgage protection – it shows the seller that the lender believes in the strength of the offer and will stand behind it from start to finish. Which means no delays or disappointments will stand in the way of your dream home. Now that’s a warm welcome home!

For Sellers

As a Seller, how can you decipher which offer is the best and strongest? The answer is simple, an offer that includes a PYT Loan Commitment. Pre-qualifications and preapprovals are just so status quo. Protect Your Transaction is a loan assurance program that aims to stand above the rest by offering the mortgage industry’s gold standard of protection during the process of buying and selling homes. Sellers know that the offer on the table is rock solid, and as an agent you can close deals more efficiently – with peace of mind for everyone each step of the way.

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